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Royalty and Other Fictional Characters

Who on earth thought of this cruel term called royalty? There is nothing royal about it. It is bloody unfair to term the few coins we authors make (when someone buys our book) as royalty. It just creates false impressions. Just makes it hard to be an author.

The “Assisted Economy”

Our cultural traditions have always had a place for a sidekick. Our folk theater has had a jamura who acts as a sidekick to the main performer or madaari. Without the jamura, the madaari’s show is incomplete. From royalty to musicians, there is always place for a sidekick. That may be an opportunity for India as tech becomes Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in the pantheon of jobs.

The forgotten music of Rajasthan

What makes this festival magical is the way the sun and the moon are blended in with music to create magic. The Mehrangarh fort becomes like a giant movie set where the forgotten music of Rajathan is offered to a global audience. That is what the Rajasthan International Folk Fest is all about

I Have Written My Novel – What Next?

The shelf marked Indian Fiction has been a comparatively recent happening. The list of Indian authors is growing. One could argue that the authors who write in English have had a little more visibility. Translations to English are getting popular. It is fair to say that the great Indian middle class has taken to writing and getting published in a big way. That’s a terrific thing to happen. The world […]

The Charm of Raga Ahir Bhairav

“I woke up to the sound of Raga Ahir Bhairav, the legendary voice of Ustad Amir Khan rendering the morning raga as a variant of the original Raga Bhairav. I looked at my watch. It was four in the morning. I could visualize the scene in the living room. Keya would be sitting by the window, waiting for the first glimpse of dawn. The window would be open and the […]

Meet a Book Whisperer

Carolyn Scarborough is a professionally trained life and writing coach, and works with people to turn their “whispering” to write into a reality.  Her most recent book is “Backyard Pearls: Cultivating Wisdom and Joy in Everyday Life.” She is an award-winning magazine writer, editor and newspaper columnist and has published more than 500 articles in magazines around the world. Her passion is inspiring people to tap into their inner wisdom, […]

What Writers Always Want To Know

Chapal Mehra has chaperoned many well known books into the market. I asked him all the questions that plague first time and most ignorant authors like me. Here is a sample:

Abhijit: What are some of the watchouts for first time writers when they sign a contract with a publishing firm?
Chapal: Most professional publishing firms have standard contracts which they are not open to amending. It is the way they do business and these cannot be altered to every author’s requirement. In fact they are mostly standardized across organizations with a few changes here and there. As a first time author you need to know what you get into a contract with the publishing firm for :
Copyright: Understand the difference between copyright and the right to publish.
What territory are you signing the book deal for? Do you want to keep US and UK or Europe rights for yourself?
Please check the royalty clause. Are you happy with what the standard royalty is ? Usually it’s the same across publishing firms
Please check the subsidiary rights. Do you want to give up or keep –translation rights, film rights, tv series rights etc. In most cases I would advise its best to let the publishing company keep these unless you want to do something with them or you think it will have enormous potential which you have a strategy to exploit.
If its an advance contract what are your dates of delivery? What are the conditions associated with non- or late delivery?
Its always good to discuss the contract with your editor to also understand why the organization is offering the contract that it is . Most large professional publishing firms are not out to rob you. But its important for you to understand their thinking.

The 6Bridges Interview

We have all heard about being separated from each other by 6 degrees of separation. With some people you wish the degrees of separation would be 600 instead and less than six for the ones you are desperate to meet. The group that started the website at (their byline says it is “An exclusive global community of Indian Professionals”) did it to connect Indian professionals across the globe. The site focuses on 6 key areas (another six) : Career growth, entrepreneurship, Re-skilling, money management, leisure and professional networking. We got chatting about this and that. Let us cross the 6bridges.

Corporate Novels

Abhijit Bhaduri, Human Resources (HR) director of Microsoft India, has chosen to spin his novels around the HR profession rather than any particular industry. A graduate of XLRI, Bhaduri set his first novel, Mediocre But Arrogant, in the ‘Management Institute of Jamshedpur’ , from where his hero graduates to land his first job in HR.

His second book, Married But Available is about the protagonist’s early years in Balwanpur Industries, an Indian company that’s been taken over by a multinational. The book is sprinkled with HR gyan and Bhaduri, who has worked with Tata Steel, Colgate and Pepsico, says it gives his characters credibility: “The professional and personal lives of my characters aren’t separate, they’re wholly meshed.”

Women Read More Fiction Than Men

You may however be left with this vague feeling that this is more of a guy’s book rather than a gal’s. If writings of women about and for women that are also read by men are called Chick Lit, what would writings of men about and for men that are also read by women be called? In a way, Abhijit Bhaduri and his ilk may have spawned this new genre of Indian fiction. Can we call it Guy Lit for want of a better term?

How to Get Your Novel Published?

And You Thought Writing the Novel Was the Hard Part? You have the novel ready. And you are now ready to count the steady flow of royalty. You have practised the odd moment of living it up like a rich person. So why is the publisher not grabbing your manuscript. Heck – that’s the reality check. Your publisher needs to feel that your manuscript is going to be the next […]

Analysis of the Genre from Sid’s Blog

“I had first encountered the likes of ‘Anything For You, Ma’am’ in the insanely phenomenal best seller ‘Five Point someone [FPS] ’ and had followed it up with my current favorite ‘Mediocre But Arrogant [MBA]’. I now feel I’ve got an intuitive awareness to the spot many common threads binding such kind of novellas.

–>The first being, ALL the above-mentioned books are set in the premier institutions of our country. FPS, AFYM – IIT DELHI, MBA- XLRI.